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Robert E. Aldridge, BA, MBA

NRA Certified Firearms Instructor
NRA Chief Range Safety Officer
Illinois State Certified Concealed Carry Instructor
Glock factory certified armorer
Smith & Wesson factory certified M&P pistol armorer

I was very impressed with the home defense range part of the class. I never realized just how fast things happen in real life situations, the class was a real eye opener for me. Thank you and my thanks to Charlene for all the tasty goodies

Graduate-level Instructor in Criminal Justice
  • Shooting and reloading for over 25 years
  • Inaugural Bianchi Cup Invitational
  • Ray Chapman Academy graduate
  • Fundraiser for shooting range development
Thanks for  willingness to continue to mentor me. Saturday was great and the two new targets were challenging evolutions to the scenarios you created for us. Kudos to you for continuing to develop and enhance the curriculum as representative of the real world situations in which we may find ourselves.

     Dr. Jenkins
What you taught regarding holding the gun, stance and trigger reset have allowed me to improve substantially. ​Groupings are tight and am finding that I can shoot more rapidly and maintain accuracy with my new M&P 45 I just bought as my Christmas gift.

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Great to go along with a new gun or
for that picky gun guy or gal!
Your class was great! I learned the fundamentals and much more. I am certain the integrity and knowledge you bring far out weighs that of the typical NRA Instructor. We were lucky to have you! 

You and Charlene are a very good team. I look forward to hearing more about your future class plans, practices and ladies range time, of course. 

Thank you for your time and effort. 
It is greatly appreciated!

I can't express enough how much I enjoyed Saturday's training!!! What a great time and GREAT INSTRUCTION!!!  I really enjoyed his [Sgt. Tharp] laid back attitude! Definitely looking forward to another class.  Oh, and that carmel apple cake that Charlene made was out of this world!!!​

I have got to say, you have saved me a lot of money. I literally could shoot ten thousand rounds, not taken the course and shoot better with the course, only shooting 200 rounds. Even though I had read, watched videos, shot a couple thousand rounds, I was not even close to what I accomplished after the very first round the second day. 

The first day surprised me what I did not know. Sgt. De Young brought all into focus within the first ten minutes the second day. I would say only 25% of becoming a great shot is in the actual shooting, the rest is in mindset, stance, trigger control, grip and learning to do it right!.

       Ron    (Handgun I & II)

Member:  Indiana SWAT Officers Association
Mrs. Charlene Aldridge
NRA Certified Handgun Instructor
NRA Range Safety Officer
Now, the real reason people take additional classes.
Take a class, and you will see why!
Thank you Bob for the outstanding basic handgun class. I had a great time and feel like I learned even more the second time through. I will be in touch soon to book part two.  Please thank Charlene for the delicious treats!!!

I would like to thank you Bob!   It was a pleasure meeting you and Charlene and I so enjoyed the class!!!   I couldn’t stop talking to my family about it!   I can’t thank the two of you enough!!! And….thank you Veydra!
Have a wonderful weekend!

This was by far the best class so far.  The scenarios/drills were very eye opening.  Look forward to more classes in the future.

Thanks for putting on a fun afternoon,

       Doug     (Home Personal Protection)
Sgt. Bradley Schultz, Fort Wayne PD

BS, Criminal Justice, Ball State University
Detective Sergeant, Robbery/Homicide
Emergency Services Team (SWAT)  1998-2008
Indiana Law Enforcement Academy Instructor  2004-2007
FBI Law Enforcement Executive Development Association
Member:  Indiana SWAT Officers Association
Member:  National Tactical Officers Association