Prerequisite:  None

Lead Instructor:  Sgt. Schultz


Cost:  $100 with $50 repeats

Minimum Class Size:  6

Maximum Class Size:  12



Many of us carry a concealed firearm. I have tried about every manner of carrying during my twenty-five years in Law Enforcement. I carry every day of the week, sometimes up to 16 hours per day. We all are different shapes and sizes. There is no one perfect way to carry a concealed firearm. We will discuss a variety of topics. We will also spend some time on the new micro 9mm handguns (Glock 43, 43X, Sig P365, and Springfield Armory Hellcat). These handguns have offered the ability to carry a compact sidearm without giving up the capacity of a mid or full-sized gun. There will be an opportunity during the last hour of class for students to conduct live-fire exercises with the provided ammunition and firearms.


We will cover the following topics:
-Pros and cons of different types of concealed carry (shoulder holster, waist, ankle, pocket, off the body/purse)
-Comfort vs. Security
-Various holsters, mag pouches, and accessories available on the market
-Micro 9mm Handguns


You will need:

  • Eye protection and Ear protection (muff type is best)

  • Camping/lawn chair

  • Appropriate attire for weather conditions

  • Sunscreen and hat

This class takes place at our southwest Fort Wayne range.  You will receive an email with directions.


  • Approximately 4 hours
  • Prerequisite:  None
  • Background checks will be done on all registrants.


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