Lead Instructor:  Sgt. Schultz


Cost:  $110 with $50 repeats

Minimum Class Size:  4

Maximum Class Size:  8




This course is for the person who wants to learn the advantages and disadvantages of self defense in the dark.  During this class we will discuss topics related to low light tactics and modern handguns. This class will be conducted during evening hours at an outdoor range. We run the class with only two shooters on a line at the same time to ensure everyone’s safety. Instructors will be monitoring the students with night vision during shooting exercises as well. The following topics will be covered during this class:

-Firearm safety
-Tritium sights for handguns
-Weapon mounted lights
-Handheld lights and different methods of use
-Proper use of cover
-Target identification


First 2 hours "classroom"


  • Gun Safety—foremost and always!

  • Implementing a handheld flashlight or weapon mounted light while working in and around cover

  • Threat identification

  • Light discipline

  • Comparison of standard, fiber optic, and tritium sights for low light

  • Selecting a weapon and light for home defense


Second 2 hours is range live fire:

  • Tactical use of cover and concealment specific to low-light

  • Threat identification drills


You will need:

  • Dependable semi automatic handgun

  • 3 magazines with mag pouch

  • Quality holster

  • 200 rounds of ammunition

  • Eye protection and Ear protection (muff type is best)

  • Weather appropriate clothing

  • Flashlight and/or weapon mounted light


This class takes place at our southwest Fort Wayne range.  You will receive an email with directions.


  • Approximately 4 hours
  • Prerequisite:  Handgun II or permission of instructor, call to determine eligibility 260-438-8704
  • Background checks will be done on all registrants.