Prerequisite:  You will need a minimum of Handgun 2 if using a handgun. Fundamentals of Defensive Carbine or Defensive Shotgun will be the required prerequisite for those weapon platforms. Similar classes from a reputable instructor may also be considered.  Call to determine eligibility 260-438-8704


Lead Instructor:  Sgt. Schultz


Cost:  $150 with $50 repeats

Minimum Class Size:  6

Maximum Class Size:  12



This is one of our most versatile classes. We will cover techniques in regard to using various types of cover, different shooting positions, shooting while moving, and safely moving from one point of cover to another. A student can use a handgun, defensive shotgun, or defensive carbine for this class. This is a perfect class to take with a friend or family member due to the teamwork used in some of the drills.


You will need:

Students will need a dependable defensive carbine, defensive shotgun, or a handgun. A sling is recommended for the carbine or shotgun, but not required. Students will need three 20 or 30 round magazines for a carbine and a quality holster, three magazines, and mag pouches for a handgun. Students need to bring 250 rounds of 5.56/.223 ammunition if they use a carbine. Please do not bring M855/SS109 or similar penetrating ammunition because we will be using steel targets for some of the drills. If you choose to use a handgun, you will need 250 rounds. You will want 200 rounds of birdshot or buckshot for a shotgun and 50 slugs.


This class takes place at our southwest Fort Wayne range.  You will receive an email with directions.


Background checks will be done on all registrants.