What Some People Said


Thank you for your expert instruction on this class. Your emphasis on developing the fundamentals on which I can build my house are invaluable.


Your attention to detail and overall safety for all students was greatly appreciated. I have, without a doubt, the utmost confidence in recommending you and your classes to all that I meet. It truly was a joy to take your class.


Stephen,  former US Army Special Operations   (Handgun I & II)

Thank you very much for a great training weekend! I learned so much and also learned that I have much much more to learn and practice! And it was super fun!


Your professionalism and passion for firearms, along with your patience and good humor all make for an excellent course. I'm sure I'll be seeing you in the future during another course - new and/or repeat.


Mark   (AR Rifle/Carbine I & II)

Thank you again for the excellent training. It was certainly worth the price of admission.  I hope to see you again in the near future.


God bless you and Merry Christmas.


David   (Home Personal Protection)

I want to take a moment to compliment you and your class, the curriculum, your teaching methods, and the professional way the class and range experience was conducted.  Coming from a "newbie" your encouragement and humor made the class a great environment for learning.


While I was pushed a bit out of my comfort zone, I did really enjoy the learning and the chance to learn new skills - and shoot of course.


Jan   (Handgun I)

Your class was AWESOME!!


Kawin   (Handgun II)

Thanks again for another great class through Indiana Firearms Training…specifically, NRA Basic Personal Protection in The Home! The only question I have now is, “Why did I wait so long to get some serious firearms training?”


That said, I am recommending IFT to all my family and friends. Plus…I’ll be back.


Loren   (NRA Basic Personal Protection in the Home)

We thoroughly enjoyed your class, and more importantly, we learned a lot!  You gave John and I plenty to think about,  and plenty of homework to work on.  I'm anxious to put your methods into practice so I will  feel even safer with my firearms.


Thank you for sharing your expertise and wisdom,  and thanks to you and Charlene for your welcoming hospitality.


Laura    (Handgun I)

You beat me to the punch in sending you a thank you note first for your excellent instruction during Handgun II. I am looking forward to Home Personal Protection this coming Saturday.


I do plan to spend some time each day this week dry firing and at least a couple of range outings before Saturday as I want to better internalize your step-by-step handling instructions through practice.


Again outstanding instruction.


Loren    (Handgun II)

Thanks for all your courtesies.  As an aside, even though I have three advanced degrees...I still tell people that the two best classes I ever took were...(1) typing in high school...and...(2) your reloading class.


Ron   (NRA Metallic Reloading)


This was by far the best class so far.  The scenarios/drills were very eye opening. Look forward to more classes in the future. Thanks for putting on a fun afternoon,


Doug     (Home Personal Protection)

What you taught regarding holding the gun, stance and trigger reset have allowed me to improve substantially. Groupings are tight and am finding that I can shoot more rapidly and maintain accuracy with my new M&P 45 I just bought as my Christmas gift.


Shannon     (Handgun II)

Thanks for  willingness to continue to mentor me. Saturday was great and the two new targets were challenging evolutions to the scenarios you created for us. Kudos to you for continuing to develop and enhance the curriculum as representative of the real world situations in which we may find ourselves.


Dr. Jenkins     (Home Personal Protection and Outside the Home Personal Protection)


I wanted to thank you for the class today. You are a great instructor and did an exceptional job handling the various levels of familiarity with firearms in the class. I learned several things I clearly need to practice and look forward to further classes.


Chris     (Handgun I and II)


Your teaching and instruction was first rate and your methods are "human".  We are so glad we took your class and are planning to return.  I am looking forward to my next trip to the shooting range!


Creasy      (Handgun I)


I thoroughly enjoyed learning the proper techniques etc. this past weekend. It is a shame that everyone whom carries does not go thru such a class. I was most amazed at how well the "New to Firearms" folks handled their semi-automatic in the Handgun II class.

You and your staff presented all the information in the right order and at the right time. It made it very comfortable and confident for all to shoot. You know that all of us went home feeling just ecstatic about what we had just accomplished.


Steve     (Handgun I and II)