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emergency first aid fundamentals

Emergency First Aid Fundamentals Training Class Logo

Lead Instructor:  Laura Michaels

Additional Instructor/Chief Range Safety Officer: John P Michaels


Cost:  $55 with FREE repeats

​Maximum Class Size:  20

Would you know what to do if you were deep in the wilderness and a hunting companion sustained a penetrating chest wound from an errant round? Could you prolong the life of a loved one long enough for the ambulance to arrive, if he or she had sustained a lacerated artery from a violent attacker armed with a knife? While most Americans are comfortable dealing with the cuts and scrapes of everyday life, and tens of thousands have learned the Heimlich maneuver and CPR, most individuals would be a bit less comfortable dealing with severe, life-threatening injuries or illnesses when seconds count and EMS personnel and the emergency room are minutes (or longer) away. In this course, we not only teach the proper way to assess a patient, but also cover in great detail the proper way to deal with significant issues like serious bleeding, chest injuries, a compromised airway, spinal injuries, broken bones and more. It might seem unrealistic to compare what professional EMTs and paramedics are able to do with the things that non-professionals would be capable of, but in life threatening medical and trauma situations it all boils down to the same thing, sustaining the life of the patient until he or she can be delivered to the emergency room.

Certified USCCA Emergency First Aid Fundamentals instructors will teach the official USCCA class plus more.  There will also be top-of-the-line firearms training aids available after class for any students that would like to try them out.

The Register Now button will take you to the USCCA registration portal.  All class registration is done through their website.
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