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Self-defense workshop:

Women's Personal Safety

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Create Your Expert-Guided Personal Defense Plan and Avoid Looking Like an Easy Target

Why Should You Attend This FREE Live Workshop?

You'll leave with a simple, yet highly effective personal protection plan developed by self-defense experts.  You'll discover how to recognize and avoid threats. You'll also learn how to choose the right self-defense tool for you!

FREE BONUS: Free Training Material with Attendance


Parents • Teachers • Concerned Citizens • Business Professionals • Church Goers • Anyone Who Wants to Keep Themselves and Others Safe • Women Who Want to Discover Simple Personal (and Family) Safety & Protection Techniques

Workshop includes:

• Choosing the Right Tool: Intro to firearms and other use of force options

• What critical steps to take to keep yourself safe (no matter what happens next)

• 5 powerful situational awareness tips to avoid threats or looking like an easy target

• How to properly and justifiably defend yourself in every self-defense situation

• Hands on practice with the most hi-tech training aids including Sirt pistols, MantisX10, Mantis Laser Academy, and Mantis Blackbeard

• Plus: LIVE Q&A with USCCA-Certified Instructors, NRA-Certified Instructors, and a Licensed Mental Health Counselor

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