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Handgun Level 1 Class Logo

Lead Instructor/Chief Range Safety Officer:  John P Michaels

Additional Instructor/Range Safety Officer: Laura Michaels


Cost:  $150 with FREE repeats

​Maximum Class Size:  16

$20 rebate for purchasing both Handgun I and Handgun II at the same time


This is the place to start for beginners and anyone

without prior, formal handgun training.




Morning is "classroom" including hands-on work with

revolvers, semi-automatics, and dummy ammunition


  • Gun Safety—foremost and always!

  • Handgun knowledge—revolvers and semi-automatics

  • Ammunition and hygiene when shooting

  • Fundamentals of handgun shooting

  • Gripping revolvers and semi-automatics

  • Loading

  • Unloading

  • Reloading

  • Dry firing

  • Cleaning


Afternoon is range live fire:


  • Benchrest 

  • Two-handed standing

  • One-handed standing



Handguns (.357 revolvers) and custom ammunition loaded to extremely low levels are provided and included in the price.  We also provide .22 caliber pistols.


You only need eye protection and ear protection, with "muff" type ear protection best.


The location of this course will be either our southwest Fort Wayne range or the Izaak Walton Huntington chapter range.  The location is determined the week of class based on availability and location of the students.  You will receive an email with directions.


  • Approximately 8-9 hours

  • Prerequisite:  None

  • Background checks will be done on all registrants

The Register Now button will take you to the USCCA registration portal.  All class registration is done through their website.
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