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HANDGUN 3: Advanced Gunfighting & Concealment

Prerequisite: HANDGUN 2​       

Lead Instructor/Chief Range Safety Officer:  John P Michaels

Additional Range Safety Officer: Laura Michaels


Cost:  $150 with FREE repeats

Maximum Class Size:  8



Learn how to make firearms ready in a hurry, engage many targets, survive an ambush, and develop home safety plans.  Includes shoot/no shoot drills, carjacking simulation, shooting from a vehicle, fighting while injured, and drawing from concealment.


You will need:


  • Reliable semi-auto, with at least 3 magazines--more if single stack magazines

  • Belt or "paddle" holster (Blackhawk "Serpa" and similar holsters prohibited!)

  • Sturdy belt--preferably 1 1/2" wide

  • Double magazine pouch or two single magazine pouches 

  • 150 rounds reliable ammunition

  • Eye protection and Ear protection (muff type is best)

  • Weather appropriate clothing

  • Cap, sunscreen, and insect repellant depending on weather and season

  • We have put some recommendations of the above items in our recommendations page under "Free Resources"

  • If you don't have a pistol and gear yet, just borrow ours for free



It is unfortunate, but there is a lot of variability in reliability among semi-automatic handguns.  Glock is the "gold standard" in reliability, with the Smith and Wesson M&P line, Sig, and Springfield XD models also having excellent reliability reputations.  Recommendations:  Glock or Smith and Wesson M&P.


  • For holsters, Safariland offerings are particularly good:  ALS #6378, GLS models, and #5198 are all excellent choices and reasonably priced.

  • For magazine pouches, the Safariland model 71 (single pouch) accomodates almost all magazines, and, again, very reasonably priced.


  • Approximately 8 hours

  • Prerequisite:  HANDGUN 2 or permission from the instructor

  • Background checks will be done on all registrants.

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