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Women's Handgun Class Logo

Lead Instructor:  Laura Michaels

Additional Instructor/Chief Range Safety Officer: John P Michaels


Cost:  $150 with FREE repeats

​Maximum Class Size:  15

$20 rebate for purchasing both Women's Handgun and Handgun II at the same time


This is the place to start for beginners and any female without prior, formal handgun training.  Our Handgun Level 1 class has been improving every year since 2008, but some female shooters feel more comfortable learning introductory level pistol without any male students in the class.  We wanted to make sure those students had a resource to learn without male students.




This class will be the official USCCA "Women's Handgun and Self Defense" course with additional parts of Handgun 1 added in.


Certified USCCA Women's Handgun and Self Defense instructors will teach the official USCCA class plus more.  There will also be top-of-the-line firearms training aids used in class to increase efficieny.

The Register Now button will take you to the USCCA registration portal.  All class registration is done through their website.
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